• Call: 07909993200/ 01707257934
We sell a large variety of cake decorating tools, accessories and consumables. 

They are only available to purchase from our shop situated on Fiddlebridge industrial Unit 1& 2, AL100DE ( parallel with Fiddlebridge lane and off Lemsford road).

We do not sell online so in case you want to make sure we stock the items you need, before visiting the shop you can give us a ring on 01707257934/ 07909993200.

Alternatively just contact us by email at sugarcraftdecorations@yahoo.co.uk, WhatsApp @ Sugarcraft Decorations.

We permanently keep in stock cake boards, drums, and boxes, professional fondants( PME, SQ, Wilton), flower paste( gum paste), modeling pastes( Saracino), chocolate( Callebaut, Valhrona, Felchlin), candy melts, cake dowels, hundreds of cutters for various shapes, petals, leaves, lettering, veiners, embossers, molds, food coloring, floral wires, tape, cupcake cases and boxes, modeling tools, food markers, piping bags and nozzles, baking tins and many more.

We are happy to lend baking tins or cake stands without charging any commission. We will ask for a deposit( full price of a similar item) which will refund once our item is returned in good shape.

We stock edible decorations: ready cut messages and letters, stars, butterflies, flowers and leaves, sugar booties, small figurines, etc. If you are looking for a  custom-made chocolate or sugar decorations please get in touch before visiting the shop, we will be happy to help and produce the decoration you need.

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